Ariane Ahlmann was born in former West Berlin, Germany, in 1960. The city's unconventional spirit and subculture of the 1980's was her first artistic influence and inspiration. While roaming the streets of Berlin as a photographer for the Axel Springer publishing house, the art scene in the borough of Kreuzberg became Ahlmann's first artistic platform. In that hot spot of counterculture she began to combine spray painting, textile painting and collage. Like many of her fellow artists Ahlmann had no formal art education. The teaching ground was the legendary SO36 and the art scene around 'Moritzplatz', epicenter of the German neo-expressionism.

In 2008 Ahlmann moved to New York City and became a full time artist. Her current work stems from the idea that reality is beyond our perception. The protagonists of Ahlmann's scenarios navigate through an incomprehensible and bizarre world where nothing is stable or absolute. We are not able to decipher the meaning of their behavior. Ahlmann distances herself from the narrative. There is no story, just fragments of the human condition and of the challenges that we face in the 21 Century.   

Ariane Ahlmann lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.