Artist Statement

My paintings and sculptures stem from the endless source of our human experiences and the challenges that we face in the 21st Century. I begin each painting with a vision of the color palette while the content of new work reveals itself only at the final stages of the painting process. The latter can be said of my sculptures as well, while the first part of the sculpturing process is determined by the selection of random objects and materials. I allow myself the freedom and the challenge to be guided by unpredictability, in a dreamlike logic and vision. It gives me the chance to channel fragments of our complex human consciousness and of urgent human matters.

The pictorial repertoire of my work is a random mixture of figures, objects, shapes, numbers and texts. Many of these visual components are symbolically and allegorically charged. I use the two-dimensional concept of space. In addition, I evoke a certain spatial depth through incorrect or multiple perspectives, distorted scale relations, and superimposition. Uncontrolled brushstrokes and random color fields are set in contrast to precise graphics, such as speech bubbles and text. This Apollonian-Dionysian concept runs through my work like a thread. 

The arbitrary selection of visual components allows me to distance myself from a coherent narrative. By choosing random fragments of our complex human condition I try to get a glimpse of totality. The characters of my work search in vain for such a glimpse, navigating through an incomprehensible and bizarre world where nothing is stable or absolute. Their behavior is unclear to us, and even though they are isolated characters with no interaction - detached from one another by different eras and places - they are actually linked to each other. This aspect is based on my belief that everthing and everybody on this planet is connected to each other in one way or another.