the voyage, 9x9x6,5in.

the load, 14,5x3,5x7,5in.

unsolved, 10,5x8x2,5in.

different tempo, 5x9,5x8,5in.

they waited, 9x17x5,5in.

the rope, 5,5x3x16in.



the world stage, 13x7x8in.

the guardian, 8,5x4x13,5in.

sonic pleasures, 7x6,5x5in.

little John, 13,5x10,5x1in.

the kingdom, 11x5,5x1,5in.

illusion of the mind, 8x5,5x12,5in.

on the edge, 16,5x9,5x16in.

into the unknown, 8x4x13in.


All images of artwork by Tom Powel Imaging

minutes, 7x5x5in.

turmoil, 9x6x3,5in.

exposed, 7x5x3in.

no title,  8x6x11in.

 juxtapositions #1, 6,5x4x3in.

the book, 7x7x2in.

ashes & feathers, 11,5x5x5in.

hidden, 6,5x5x5in.

electric cracker, 8,5x8x8in.

no title, 17x12x31in.

closer to infinity, 5x5,5x1,5in.

the huntress, 11,5x9,5x4in.

sleeping in the promised land, 12,5x9x8,5in.

broken mind, 13x18x9in.

blindness' triumph, 25x9,5x24,5in.